The Congregational Church of Austin is affiliated with the 

United Church of Christ.


The United Church of Christ is a progressive Protestant denomination that boldly claims, “Our faith is 2,000 years old, but our thinking is not.”  The UCC affirms that “God is still speaking,” and that we must be attentive to what God is saying by attuning our heads and hearts to the sacred Spirit.  The UCC affirms that we have much to learn from the Bible, from other spiritual traditions, and from science.

The United Church of Christ is committed to working for justice, and it has a long history of doing so.  From the abolitionist movement, to being first to ordain a woman, first to ordain a gay man and first to support marriage equality, to supporting economic, political and environmental justice, the UCC has a long history of being a progressive force among Protestant denominations in the United States.

The United Church of Christ offers all people an extravagant welcome by extending hospitality to all people as a sign of God’s inclusive love.  No matter who you are, and where you are on your journey, the UCC welcomes you.