Music and Fine Arts


Music and Fine Arts

The music at the Congregational Church of Austin ranges from Gregorian chant to recently created compositions. We are blessed with a trio of wonderful instrumentalists who fill the sanctuary with beautiful sounds during worship and with an accomplished and creative choir director who tirelessly seeks to provide inspirational support for the church. Choir members rehearse before church on Sundays and their singing supports the congregation during worship for most of the year.
In the summer, when the choir does not meet for practice, the weekly anthem is replaced by worship gifts offered by members of the congregation. Music, dance, poetry, creative writing, and other arts are shared, revealing their role in the spiritual journeys of the presenters. Talent shows and an ad hoc fine arts committee provide other opportunities to demonstrate how the arts help weave us together as a family.


Music has played an essential role ¬†during the church’s long history. Talented musicians from the University, the Austin Symphony, chamber groups and ensembles have provided music each Sunday that is appreciated and respected in the Austin community.


On April 4, 2019, Florence Castle passed away just short of her 103rd birthday. Florence was the church pianist for many years going back to 1940. She and her husband, Joe, provided many memorable musical performances for the church and the Austin Cultural Community. Pat Oakes created a slideshow for Florence’s memorial service and can be seen here. More about Joe and Florence Castle is available on their page on the Church History Site.



Nodie Murphy Hymnal Presentation 2019


Nodie Murphy, Choir Director, at right,  originated the idea of worship gifts by members of the congregation during the summer months while the choir is on vacation. On July 21, 2019, Nodie presented her gift and many in the congregation praised it. It seemed that it deserved a wider audience, hence this reproduction. Special thanks to the trio, Amy Harris (violin), Jonathan Geer (piano) and Tony Rogers (cello) for providing the associated music. Click the link above to view the presentation.