Pastor Tom VandeStadt Retires

Pastor Tom VandeStadt preached his last sermon as minister of the Congregational Church of Austin on February 28, 2021. Sadly for him and for the congregation, it had to be a YouTube service. Members of the congregation made short videos expressing their appreciation for his long service to the church. All wished Tom, Robin and daughter, Alex, success as Tom and Robin transition to a new phase in their rich lives. Tom served the church for 20 years. Pat Oakes made a slideshow that looked back over those years. It will be available on the Church’s website. Many members heralded Tom’s sermons and related how much they had meant to them over the years. The sermons are now archived on the Church website, available for anyone to read.

While the church searches for an interim pastor, members of the church will provide sermons. The church is fortunate to have a number of ordained members.

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