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An irregular, brief email to highlight opportunities for our members

(and others!) to Act.


Mel Oakes has written a letter for the church to send to the Austin City Council supporting they effort to reconfigure the Austin Police Department. We invite you to join in signing it. Here is the text:


We, the members and friends of the Congregational Church of Austin, United Church of Christ, applaud the recent City Council action to explore alternatives to law enforcement in an effort to reduce crime in our community and guarantee the safety and well-being of all our citizens. Events of this year have ignited in the country a desire to end the inequitable treatment of people of color by law enforcement.  Public safety has in the past been focused on taking action following the commission of a crime. There is much evidence to support the conclusion that this has not worked. We now lead the world in incarcerations. We are at a pivotal time in our nation in which bold action is called for. The Council’s action points to the willingness to focus some resources on preventing criminal activity and addressing neglected social problems through a variety of community programs. To be successful, all stakeholders will need to participate, and we urge them to do so.
We look to a time when all members of our community will hold law enforcement in high esteem. We believe the Council’s action is an important first step.
Signed by:

Deadline to sign the letter is Tuesday at noon.  Send an email to the church office at office@congregationalchurchofaustin.org

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