Church News: July 31-August 6

Sunday, August 2, 11:00 am: CCA e-Worship Service 

We will gather for worship this Sunday at 11:00 am with our CCA e-worship service.  Have your candle ready to light, as well as some bread and a cup of juice or wine for Holy Communion, and be prepared for some great Trio music!  You can participate in the service at 11:00 am at:


Sunday, August 2, 11:45 am: e-Joys and Concerns, And e-Fellowship

Following our e-worship service on Sunday, we will share our joys and concerns, and our fellowship.  You can log onto the Zoom fellowship at any time following the worship service.  Sharing of joys and concerns will begin at 11:45 am. The link for the e-Joys and Concerns and Fellowship is:


Tuesday, August 4, 7:00 PM: e-SLAB!

Grab a beer from your fridge, or a glass of wine, or fix yourself a cocktail, or pour yourself a glass of iced tea—get a can, bottle, glass, cup, mug, or pitcher of whatever you want to drink—and hang out with us for a while.  It’ll do your soul some good!

Here’s the Zoom link:

Contact Nodie Murphy To Offer A Worship Gift

Nodie Murphy is eagerly awaiting your call, email, or text citing your willingness to share a worship gift with us.  You can reach her by emailing or by calling 512-255-4602 or by texting 512-923-2940. She has her clipboard handy and will gladly sign you up!  Gifts should be shorter than 5 minutes and should have a spiritual focus.  Contact Nodie.  She’ll be so happy!

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