CCA OUTREACH eBlast-Police Department Funding   An irregular, brief email to highlight opportunities for our members (and others!) to Act.   Mel Oakes has written a letter for the church to send to the Austin City Council supporting they ef

CCA Outreach eBlast

Whit Bodman has instituted an “Irregular, brief email to highlight opportunities for our members (and other!) to Act. Here is his first issue. Outreach Blast

Anti-Racisim Study

Over the past few years, the church has been involved with various aspects of racism. Groups have read many of the books that addressed the issue. Others have joined organizations in Austin dedicated to overcoming racism. The Adult Sunday School Clas


Church News: July 31-August 6

Sunday, August 2, 11:00 am: CCA e-Worship Service  We will gather for worship this Sunday at 11:00 am with our CCA e-worship service.  Have your candle ready to light, as well as some bread and a cup of juice or wine for Holy Communion, and be prep