Amy Rivera Kent, Sunday School Teacher

Amy Rivera Kent

Amy grew up in Austin and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in biology. While there she worked in the Boyce Thompson Institute where she studied the Glycine falcata phylogenies using chloroplast DNA and nuclear DNA. During her internship, Amy learned several techniques including gene phylogenies, bioinformatics, PCR, and DNA sequencing.

At UT, Amy was selected to for an interview to be available for prospective and undergraduate students. This interview reveals Amy curiosity and insight, characteristics that serve her Sunday School students well. She wrote, “As a child I was always fascinated by nature and wanted to know WHY and HOW things were the way they were. Since then, I have been interested in studying plants. Dr. Roux’s plant physiology course opened my eyes to all of the intriguing questions that remain unanswered in the field of botany.’

“I enjoy working with intelligent, creative people. The energy that surrounds research is infectious. Everyone involved in the project is turning over the same questions and coming up with different answers, or inventing a different method to test the same question. NOT knowing the answer to the question is most of the intrigue.'”

Amy teaches at the Magnolia Montessori For All public school in Austin.

Her students enjoy project based learning, and she has guided her students at our church in projects ranging from classical Greek mythology to current issues in social justice. The children present their research to the congregation in order to raise awareness and effect change. The lessons are guided by the students’ interests, and also aim to involve children in their community.

Amy married Robert Kent in March of 2017. The church celebrated the event with a cake cutting at Coffee Hour.

Amy enjoys bike riding and cooking.

Amy Rivera Kent