Overflow the Courtyard


“Overflow the Courtyard”

Sunday, Oct. 11 between 2 – 4 pm

at University Presbyterian Church

2203 San Antonio Street, just a block south of Austin Congregational.

This is a drive-through collection event to support the Micah 6 Food Pantry.  With the pandemic Micah 6 has needed to change the way we provide food for hungry people.  Instead of their coming into the building and browsing the shelves for the groceries they want, people are now given food in individual bags. They can specify whether they want shelf-stable groceries, ready-made salads & sandwiches, or frozen dinners that they can microwave. These are the types of items that are currently in high demand:

Frozen Dinners  (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc.)

Canned Meat (spam, chicken, tuna)


Instant oatmeal

Fruit cups

Canned chili

Canned vegetables

Canned beans

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